New Construction Loans

Our New Construction program offers flexible financing for ground-up development or major renovations. Whether in the initial stages of development or mid-construction, we can customize a flexible solution for your project.

This program can be used for any range of project types – from luxury spec homes to multifamily complexes or traditional subdivision developments.


We offer multiple purchase and rehab loan options:

90% Loan to Cost up to 75% of the After Completed Value

- Loan Amounts: $100,000 to $10,000,000
- Loan to Value: up to 90% of the Purchase Price and 100% of Rehab cost
- Interest rates: Starting at 10.49%
- Loan Term: 6-18 months
- Payments: Interest only monthly, no interest reserve required
- Get up to 20% of the rehab budget 3 days after the closing of escrow
- Lien Position: First Only
- Prepay: none
- States: Available in ALL STATES (except NV, SD, ND, MN, OR, VT)

Borrower Parameters:

A borrower seeking a hard money loan must meet the following generally stated minimum requirements. Specific minimum requirements are set following our receipt of a loan application.

- Preferred borrowers can be Corporations or Limited Liability Companies
- Reasonable existing income
- Reasonable cash reserves of about 5-10%
- Reasonable net worth
- Credit score – 660 or better
- Ability to perform exit strategy required

Property Types:

- Residential: Single Family non-owner occupied
- Condominium: Non-owner occupied, must be warrantable
- Multifamily: 2-4 unit non-owner occupied