Fix & Flip Loans

House flipping has been a popular real estate investment strategy for several years now, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. If you’re considering getting in on the fix-and-flip trend and are considering using borrowed capital to purchase and renovate a property, there are several critical pieces of information you should know before signing a contract.


Up to 90% Loan to Cost, PLUS 100% of the Rehab, & up to 75% ARV:

  • - Up to 90% LTC
  • - Loan to Value: up to 90% of the Purchase Price and 100% of the rehab cost
  • - Loan Amounts: $75,000 to $3,500,000
  • - Interest rates: Depending on the borrower’s profile
  • - Loan Term: Up to 12 months
  • - Payments: Interest only monthly, interest reserve required for loans 12 months +
  • - Lien Position: First Only
  • - Prepay: none
  • - States: Available in ALL STATES (except NV, AZ, SD, ND, MN, OR, VT)

Documents for Purchase and Rehab Loans:

  • - Application (download on Apply Now page)
  • - Rehab Budget Form
  • - Valid ID
  • - Purchase and sale agreement for the property, if already under contract
  • - 2 months bank statements or PFS Statement
  • - LLC or Corp documentation for the entity in which you will be vesting title.
  • - Insurance policy quote for the property prior to closing
  • - Contact information for your closing attorney or title company (We also have our preferred company as well)

Borrower’s Profile Parameters:

- Preferred borrowers can be Corporations or Limited Liability Companies
- Reasonable existing income
- Reasonable cash reserves of about 5-10%
- Reasonable net worth
- Credit score – 660 or better
- Ability to perform exit strategy required